The stageman command

The stageman command carries forward uncompleted job streams, archives the old production plan, and installs the new production plan. A copy of Symphony, is sent to domain managers and agents as part of the initialization process for the new production plan. When running JnextPlan, stageman is invoked from within the SwitchPlan script.

You must have build access to the Symphony file to run stageman.


stageman -V | -U | -parse

     [-log log_file| -nolog]


Displays the command version and exits.
Displays command usage information and exits.
Reads the global options from the database to check that job streams to be carried forward do not contain parsing errors.
Defines how uncompleted job streams are managed when moving to a new production plan. The available settings are:
Does not carry forward any job streams.
Carries forward only the uncompleted job streams whose definition contains the keyword carryforward.
Carries forward all uncompleted job streams, regardless whether or not contain the keyword carryforward in the job stream definition.
If you omit this keyword, by default it is set to the value specified globally using optman for the enCarryForward option. Refer to Understanding carry forward options to have information on the resulting carry forward setting when both the enCarryForward global option and the -carryforward keywords are set.
Archives the old production plan in the directory TWS_home/schedlog with file name log_file. The archived production plans can then be listed and selected using the commands listsym and setsym. If neither -log nor -nolog keywords are specified, HCL Workload Automation archives the old production plan using the following naming convention:
where yyyymmddhhtt corresponds to the year, month, day, hour, minutes the old production plan is archived. If you generate the production plan using JnextPlan you can customize this naming convention in the SwitchPlan script.
Note: Be sure to monitor the disk space in the schedlog directory and remove older log files on a regular basis.
Does not archive the old production plan.
The name assigned to the intermediate production plan file created by planman. If not specified, stageman uses the file name Symnew.


To allow carry forward procedures to work properly in a network, the master domain manager's production plan file, Symphony, must be updated with the latest job stream status from its agents and subordinate domain managers. Run the following command:
conman "link @"
before running stageman. This command links any unlinked workstations so that messages about job processing status queued in the Mailbox.msg file are sent back to the master domain manager to update the Symphony file.
Note: In UNIX® only, stageman also determines which executable files associated to jobs submitted using the at and batch utility commands can be deleted when HCL Workload Automation is started for the new production period. These jobs are not carried forward.


Carry forward all uncompleted job streams (regardless of the status of the Carry Forward option), log the old Symphony file, and create the new Symphony file:
DATE='datecalc today pic YYYYMMDDHHTT'
stageman -carryforward all -log schedlog/M$DATE
Carry forward uncompleted job streams as defined by the carryforward global option, do not log the old Symphony file, and create an intermediate production plan named mysym:
stageman -nolog mysym