GenericAction actions

This provider implements a single action named RunCommand that runs non-HCL Workload Automation commands. Commands are run on the same computer where the event processor runs.

Only TWS_user is authorized to run the command.

Important: When the command includes output redirection (through the use of one or two > signs), insert the command in an executable file, and set the file name as the argument of the Command property.
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The rule in the following example runs the ps -ef command to list all the currently running processes on a UNIX workstation when an invalid parameter is found on that workstation. Note that the rule is based on a custom event developed using the GenericEventPlugIn event provider. For more information on developing custom event types, see Defining custom events.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<eventRuleSet xmlns:xsi=""
   <eventRule name="CUSTOM_EVENT_GENERIC_EVENT" ruleType="filter" isDraft="yes">
      <description>Event: Generic Event; Action: Run Command</description>
      <activeTime start="08:30:00" end="17:30:00"/>
      <eventCondition name="genericEvt3" eventProvider="GenericEventPlugIn" 
           <attributeFilter name="Param1" operator="ne">
            <value>Invalid Parameter</value>
           <attributeFilter name="Workstation" operator="eq">
      <action actionProvider="GenericActionPlugin" actionType="RunCommand" 
         <description>Run a command</description>
         <scope>PS -EF</scope>
         <parameter name="Command">
            <value>ps -ef</value>
         <parameter name="WorkingDir">