Setting the environment variables

About this task

Before you configure your HCL Workload Automation components, you must set the environment variables using the tws_env script.

Starting with Version 9.4, the upgrade installation process for agents installs a new version of the tws_env script in the directory <<TWA_HOME>/TWS, where <TWA_HOME> is the HCL Workload Automation installation directory. A backup copy of your original version is created in a backup directory. After the upgrade process, merge the content of the new version with the content of the original version to carry your customized content into the new version.

The script is copied into the backup instance in /<working_dir>/TWA_<user_name_of_installation_user>

On Windows operating systems, run the tws_env.cmd shell script to set up both the PATH and TWS_TISDIR variables. For example, if HCL Workload Automation is installed in the %ProgramFiles%\HCL\TWA\TWS directory, the <PATH> variable is set as follows:
c:\Program Files\HCL\TWA\TWS;c:\Program Files\HCL\TWA\TWS\bin
Note: If you have more than one version of HCL Workload Automation installed on your computer, make sure <TWS_TISDIR> points to the latest one. This ensures that the most recent character set conversion tables are used.
On UNIX and Linux operating systems, source the . ./ shell script to set up the PATH, TWS_TISDIR, and UNISONWORK variables. For example, if HCL Workload Automation is installed in the default directory /opt/HCL/TWA/TWS directory, . ./ sets the variables as follows:
      export PATH

     export TWS_TISDIR
The tws_env script has two versions:
  • for Bourne and Korn shell environments
  • tws_env.csh for C Shell environments