Configuring a z-centric agent on Windows operating systems

About this task

After you install a z-centric agent on a Windows operating system with a local or domain account, perform the following configuration steps:
  1. Stop the dynamic agent.
  2. From the Start menu, click Administrative Tools > Services.
  3. Edit the properties of the following service by double-clicking on its name: HCL Common Platform Agent: tws_cpa_agent_TWS_user, where TWS_user is the name of the user for which HCL Workload Automation was installed (the name you supplied during installation).
  4. Click label Log On.
  5. Click Log on as: Local System account.
  6. If you plan to run interactive jobs, check mark Allow service to interact with desktop.
  7. Click OK.
  8. From the Start menu, click Administrative Tools > Local Security Policy.
  9. Remove the following permissions from the user created when you installed the z-centric agent:
    • Act as part of the operating system.
    • Log on locally.
    • Log on as batch.
  10. Restart the dynamic agent.