Enabling product license management

Before you can use the product, you need to create a license server, configure the master domain manager to contact it and map the license entitlements.

HCL Workload Automation uses a pay-per-use licensing model. Statistics of successfully completed jobs are stored on the Flexera server for monitoring and compliance verification.

HCL Workload Automation needs to be configured so that it can communicate data about license consumption to the Flexera server. If the license server cannot be contacted, the information is stored locally and an error message is displayed. If the license server cannot be contacted for more than 14 days in a row, all product functions are suspended.

Users of the software will be authorized to use the software up to the allocation of entitlement you made on the server. A message is displayed if the entitlement has been consumed.

Perform the following high-level steps to configure HCL Workload Automation to work with the license server:
  1. Create the license server as indicated in What is the HCL License & Delivery Portal (FlexNet Portal)?.
  2. Note the ID of the license server you create, which you will need to provide using the licenseServerId parameter when installing the master domain manager, as described in Installing the master domain manager and backup master domain manager.
  3. Map all the entitlements to this server or split the entitlements between several servers to allocate your purchase to different teams in the organization.

More than one master can share the same license server ID. In this case, all jobs running in different environments concur to consume the entitlements associated to the one license server.

You can change the number of license servers and the related license assignments at any time by accessing the HCL License Portal.

If the master domain manager cannot connect to the Internet, you can set up a proxy server to allow the master domain manager to contact the license server using the licenseProxyPassword and licenseProxyServer global options. For more information about setting global options, see Setting global options.

For more information about how licenses are tracked and how to generate a report that summarizes your monthly per-job license usage, see License computation model.