Delegating administrator privileges on folders to other users

The HCL Workload Automation administrator can grant permissions to a user on a folder so that the user can freely create new access control lists or modify existing access control lists on the folder or any sub-folders to which the user has been delegated administrator permissions. The user can in turn give access to the folder or sub-folder to other users by specifying an existing role to which the user wants to grant the access, as well as the folder. In this way, the HCL Workload Automation administrator can delegate the security to various organizations in the business to other users who can act independently as administrators for that organization.

A new access type "acl" has been added for folder objects. With this type of access, users can create access control lists for the folder assigned to them by assigning predefined roles to users and groups on the entire folder hierarchy or on specific sub-folders.

For more information about delegating permissions on folders, see Granting administrator permissions to a user on a folder.