File transfer job plug-in enhancements

Version 9.5 Fix Pack 1 delivers the following enhancements to the File transfer job plug-in:
RFE 124923: Appending text to an existing file
The File transfer job plug-in now includes an option to append the data contained in the transferred file to the existing file on the destination system. This avoids overwriting the existing file and preserves any changes that were made to the file prior to the transfer. The option applies to file transfers of type download and for files encoded as text.
RFE 123295: Deleting a source file after an upload transfer
An option has been added to specify if you want to delete the source files after a file transfer of type "upload".
RFE 127294: Specifying FTP SIte subcommands
An option has been added for file transfers originating from a distributed environment to a z/OS target workstation, using the FTP protocol, to specify SIte subcommands. For example, you can specify a subcommand to define primary and secondary space allocations.