Enhanced integrations

Several integrations have been updated to address fixes and enhancements.

For more information and download instructions about the job plug-ins and integrations available for HCL Workload Automation go to Automation Hub.

The following integrations have been updated:

File Transfer
The file transfer integration has been optimized for file transfer operations. See full details of the enhancement in Optimized file transfer operations.
SAP Hana Lifecycle Management
The SAP Hana Cloud Platform Application Lifecycle integration enables you to redeploy an application, start an application to trigger the operation, stop, delete and also to know the status of an application.
IBM Sterling
New security feature TLS and TCP added in Protocol field.
Apache Spark
Support has been added for Apache Spark version 2.3.0.
Apache Oozie
The plug-in has been enhanced to include detailed logs on the Oozie server for the script.