Optimized file transfer operations

With the file transfer integration, you can transfer files quickly and easily.

With the enhanced version of the File Transfer integration, you are granted a consolidated and coordinated approach to scheduling and automating transfer of files. The highlights of the enhanced integration are as follows:
  • A new dashboard available on Automation Hub for monitoring file transfer operations
  • Completion time estimate
  • Parallel file transfer
  • Rerun from point of failure
  • Selective re-transfer
  • Improved file selection by using wildcards and regular expressions
  • File transfer status and details on files transferred
  • Post-processing of transferred files: delete, rename, move
  • File transfer to and from z-centric agents

For a detailed description about creating a file transfer job, see Automation Hub.

See how the file transfer integration can help you manage your file transfers in the video Discover the new file transfer integration, available on the Workload Automation YouTube channel.