Monitoring performance metrics with Prometheus and viewing results on Grafana

HCL Workload Automation exposes a number of metrics to provide you with insight into the state, health, and performance of your environment and infrastructure.


You can access the product APIs for monitoring and retrieving insightful metrics data. The metrics are exposed and can be visualized with tools for displaying application metrics such as, the open source tool Grafana. If you use Grafana, you can take advantage of the preconfigured dashboard that is available on Automation Hub. Automation Hub gives you access to the downloadable JSON file on the Grafana web site. Use the Grafana Dashboard: Distributed Environments for you on-premises deployments including Docker. A separate preconfigured dashboard named, Grafana Dashboard: Kubernetes Environments, is available for cluster monitoring, including monitoring pods.

For more information about configuring authentication and the list of exposed metrics, see Monitoring with Prometheus.