Automatic deployment of security certificates on agents

You can now download and deploy certificates in .PEM format from the master domain manager when installing dynamic and fault-tolerant agents.

When installing the agent with a fresh installation, you only need to provide the credentials to connect to the master domain manager using the wauser and wapassword parameters. The certificates in .PEM format are automatically downloaded and deployed to the agent without further intervention.

If you have previously installed the agent, you can run the AgentCertificateDownloader script on the agent. The script connects to the master domain manager, downloads the certificates in .PEM format, and deploys them to the agent. The certificates must be available on the master domain manager in a specific path. For more information, see Certificates download to dynamic agents - AgentCertificateDownloader script.

For the complete command-line installation procedure, see Typical installation scenario.

For more information, see Agent installation parameters - twsinst script.