Configuring Dynamic Workload Console to connect to a remote SAP system

You can create a new SAP connection.

About this task

The purpose of the following scenario is to show how to create a new SAP connection in the context of an example.

The scope of the scenario is to create a new SAP connection named “S4HANA” with the workstation named “DYN_AGENT”, using an options file named “FILE_AGENT1_r3batch.opts”.


  1. Create a new SAP connection as follows:
    1. From the Administration menu, click Manage SAP Connections page, and then select the engine.
    2. Click New Connection.
    3. In SAP Connection Name, type S4HANA.
    4. In Workstation, click the lookup icon, search the workstation named "DYN_AGENT", and select it.
    5. In Option file, click the lookup icon, search the option file named "FILE_AGENT1_r3batch.opts", and select it.
    6. Test the connection.
  2. Click Ok to save it.


You successfully created a SAP connection named “S4HANA”, and now you can start creating, scheduling, and control your SAP jobs directly from the HCL Workload Automation.