Uninstalling the main components

Before you begin

Before performing the uninstallation, verify the following:
  1. Ensure that the user running the installation process has the following authorization requirements:
    Windows operating systems

    If you set the Windows User Account Control (UAC), your login account must be a member of the Windows Administrators group or domain administrators with the right, Act as Part of the Operating System.

    If you set the Windows User Account Control (UAC) on the workstation you must run the installation as administrator.

    UNIX and Linux operating systems
    root access
  2. Ensure that all HCL Workload Automation processes, services and the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Base process are stopped, and that there are no active or pending jobs. For information about stopping the processes and services see Starting and stopping processes on a workstation.

About this task

The following section describes how to uninstall the following components:
  • master domain manager or its backup
  • dynamic domain manager or its backup
  • agents


The uninstallation removes the product files, the registry keys, and on Windows operating systems, also the services. It also removes the binaries related to the installed HCL Workload Automation agent.

The uninstallation program does not remove the HCL Workload Automation configuration files.