"CURL error 35" error

This document explains how to solve the CURL error 35 error that might occur on the agent.

If in the JobManagerGW_message.log file on the agent you find the following error:

AWSITA320E The gateway was not able to contact the broker server at the address 
to obtain the list of actions to execute. 
The error is: "AWSITA245E An error occurred getting the response of the HTTP request. 
The error is "CURL error 35".

And simultaneously in the message.log on the server you find the following error:

00058543 com.ibm.scheduling.jobdispatcher
W AWKJDE235W A connection problem occurred submitting job ID "25f769bd-d0e3-3a90-ae47-c7f8a51c549c" with name 
"AGENT_ICP#EVERY_1800_4.S_PEAK_JOB_65.SCHEDID-0AAAAAAAAAAP35AZ.JNUM-757735705" to the endpoint URL 
The error message is: "AWKJDE519E The agent did not contact the server to manage this request.".

Proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the JobManagerGW.ini file on the agent, by adding ActionPollers = 3 (if the ActionPollers is not specified, the default value is 1). The file is located in the following path:
    Note: The ActionPollers = 3 must be added only in the [ITA] section.

    The following is an example of the JobManagerGW.ini file:

    name = JobManagerGW
    autostart = yes
    fname = /opt/wa/TWS/bin/JobManagerGW
    keepalive = yes
    status_timeout = 300
    check_status = yes
    commstart = false
    display_name = JobManagerGW
    version = 1.0
    type = optional
    min_up_time = 60
    JobManagerGWID = GWID_AGENT_ICP_agent_95_waagent_0
    JobManagerGWURIs = https://localhost:31114/ita/JobManagerGW/JobManagerRESTWeb/
    ActionPollers = 3
  2. To avoid a POD restart during maintenance, follow the procedure described in the Container maintenance procedure
  3. Stop and start the agent by submitting the following command: