Downloading installation images

Complete this procedure to download the installation images.

About this task

To install the fix pack, download the installation images from Flexnet.


  1. Ensure that your workstation has sufficient space to store the compressed file containing the installation images. For more information about system requirements, see Product Requirements.
  2. From Flexnet, download the compressed file, containing the latest fix pack image, to a temporary directory.
  3. Extract the installation image from the downloaded file and verify that the installation image is complete.
    Extract the content of the ZIP files into a directory, using one of the extraction tools available on your system or that can be downloaded from the internet. The tool you use must be able to keep the file permissions on the extracted files, for example, infozip. On Windows systems, ensure that you extract the image into a path that is not very long, otherwise, the file name might be truncated. The maximum length allowed is 255 characters. If you are installing on a UNIX operating system, run the following command:
     chmod -R 755 <imagesDir>  
    Note: To extract the .zip file onto a Windows 64-bit system, ensure that the image is not located on the desktop because the Windows operating system extract tool has a problem. Choose another directory into which to extract the Fix Pack image.

    For more information about eImages, see ../../distr_readmes.html#distr_readmes