File Proxy uninstallation - uninstall script

This script uninstalls the File Proxy

This section describes the uninstall script. This script is used to uninstall the File Proxy. This command is supported on the following operating systems:
  • Windows with hardware x86-64
  • Linux with hardware x86-64
  • Linux with hardware IBM z Systems

By default, log files produced by this command are located in data_dir/logs.

Launch the command from the installation directory.


Windows operating systems:
uninstall.exe -inst_dir installation_directory [-lang language]
./uninstall -inst_dir installation_directory [-lang language]
-inst_dir installation_directory
is the directory where the File Proxy is installed.
-lang language
is the language in which the messages returned by the command are displayed.


The command removes all data related to the File Proxy and leaves the data_dir unchanged.