Creating the HCL Workload Automation administrative user

Instructions to create the HCL Workload Automation administrative user

This picture describes the steps required for installing the full HCL Workload Automation software stack. You are now at step 4: creating the HCL Workload Automation administrative user.

HCL Workload Automation administrative user

The HCL Workload Automation administrator creates the administrative user (wauser). The administrative user is the user for which the product will be installed in the subsequent steps. This implies that this user has full access to all scheduling objects.

The user name can contain alphanumeric, dash (-), and underscore (_) characters; it cannot contain national characters. The first character of the user name must be a letter.

The following considerations apply:

On Windows operating systems:
  • If this user account does not already exist, it is automatically created at installation time.
  • If installing on a Windows server in a domain, do not define a domain and local ID with the same user name.
  • If you specify a domain user, define the name as domain_name\user_name.
  • If you specify a local user, define the name as system_name\user_name. Type and confirm the password.
On UNIX and Linux operating systems:
This user account must be created manually before running the installation and must be enabled to login to the machine where the master domain manager is going to be installed. Create a user with a home directory and group. Use the appropriate UNIX and Linux operating system commands to create the user.

For more information, see HCL Workload Automation user management.