Tuning plan replication

Tuning plan replication involves configuring specific settings to optimize the process of replicating plan data into the database. Plan replication ensures quick and reliable access to plan data stored in the database. Its main objective is to provide quick response times and increased overall performance. Sometimes, if this synchronization process is not configured appropriately for the size of your workload, you might notice some discrepancies in your environment, such as job status misalignment between the command line (conman) and the monitoring results obtained in the Dynamic Workload Console.

There are a few simple settings you can configure to optimize performance:
Configure the cache size
Add the following properties to the TWSConfig.properties file located in the following paths:
On Windows operating systems
On UNIX operating systems
#Custom property which defines the number of threads and queues needed to 
handle the plan updates 
#Custom property which optimizes the DB access for file 
dependency status update 
#Customer property which optimizes the DB access for 
job and job stream status update

In addition, follow the steps to increase the heap size settings (initialHeapSize = 2048 and maximumHeapSize = 4096) of the application server on the master domain manager as documented in Increasing application server heap size.