Classic security model

A template file named TWA_home/TWS/config/Security.conf is provided with the product. During installation, a copy of the template file is installed as TWA_home/TWS/Security.conf, and a compiled, operational copy is installed as TWA_home/TWS/Security.

This version of the file contains a full access definition for the user who installed the product, TWS_user, and the system administrator (root on UNIX or Administrator on Windows), who are the only users defined and allowed to connect to the user interfaces and to perform all operations on all scheduling resources.

Within the HCL Workload Automation network, using the security file you can make a distinction between local root users and the root user on the master domain manager by allowing local root users to perform operations affecting only their login workstations and providing the master domain manager root user the authorizations to perform operations affecting any workstation across the network.

As you continue to work with the product you might want to add more users with different roles and authorization to perform specific operations on a defined set of objects.

Do not edit the original TWA_home/TWS/config/Security.conf template, but follow the steps described in Updating the security file to make your modifications on the operational copy of the file.