Configuring to schedule job types with advanced options

About this task

You can define job types with advanced options by using the related configuration files. The options you define in the configuration files apply to all job types with advanced options of the same type. You can override these options when defining the job by using the Dynamic Workload Console or, if you are in a distributed environment, the composer command.

Configuration files are available on each dynamic agent in TWA_home/TWS/JavaExt/cfg for the following job types with advanced options:
Table 1. Configuration files for job types with advanced options
Job type File name Keyword
  • Database job type
  • MSSQL Job Use the jdbcDriversPath keyword to specify the path to the JDBC drivers. Define the keyword so that it points to the JDBC jar files directory, for example:
The JDBC jar files must be located in the specified directory or its subdirectories. Ensure you have list permissions on the directory and its sub subdirectories.
Note: For the MSSQL database, use version 4 of the JDBC drivers.
Java job type Use the jarPath keyword to specify the path to the directory where the jar files are stored. This includes all jar files stored in the specified directory and all sub directories.
J2EE job type For more information about the J2EE job type, see Configuring to schedule J2EE jobs