Start view

Use the Start view dialog box to start the dynamic views you specify.

Click the Start view icon start dynamic view icon to invoke the Start view dialog box. Starting a view establishes view-extended naming access without creating a process that is set to the view.

Controls in the dialog box

The following controls appear in the dialog box:

Control name Control description
Views containing <user_name> When this option is selected, only the dynamic view names that contain your user name display in the list box.
All views Selecting this option to display all of your dynamic views in the list box.
View filter Enter the criteria for a filter to include or exclude dynamic view names from displaying in the list box.
Apply Click to run the current filter criteria against your dynamic views.
Clear Click to remove any criteria that you have entered from the View filter text box.
Refresh Click to update the display of dynamic view names in the list box.
OK Confirms the operation and dismisses the window.
Cancel Cancels the operation.