Resets the epoch number matrix so that changes in lost packets are resent


Product Command type
MultiSite multitool subcommand


[ –c/omment comment | –cfi/le comment-file-pname | –cq/uery | –cqe/ach | –nc/omment ] [ –sin/ce date-time ] replica-selector ...


The recoverpacket command resets the epoch row at a sending replica to reflect the last synchronization sent to a replica before a particular time. It scans through a list of epoch rows saved at the time of each export, looking for an entry prior to the time specified. When it finds an entry, it uses the associated row to reset the epoch row for the specified receiving replica. The next packet that is exported includes the changes that were in the lost packet.

Resetting epoch numbers automatically

When you send an update packet to another replica, success of the transport and import phases is assumed. Therefore, the sending replica's epoch number matrix is updated to reflect that the changes are made at the receiving replica. However, if the packet is lost before reaching the receiving replica, the sending replica's assumption that the receiving replica is up to date is incorrect.

The epoch numbers at the sending replica must be returned to the values they had before the packet was sent. Making these corrections to the sending replica's epoch number matrix causes it to include the same changes in the next update packet it sends to the receiving replica.

The administrator at the receiving replica must run an lshistory command to determine the time of the last successful import. The administrator at the sending replica uses this time in the recoverpacket command.

Note: If the two replicas are not in the same time zone or you do not send packets at the same time you generate them (for example, you generate packets at midnight and send them at 6:00 a.m.), you must adjust for the time difference.

Resetting epoch numbers manually

If there are no saved epoch rows that are as old as the specified time, the recoverpacket command fails. In this case, the administrator at the receiving replica must use the lsepoch command to determine the correct epoch number, and the administrator at the sending replica must run chepoch on the sending replica to reset the epoch row. See the chepoch reference page, as well as information about recovering from lost packets in the Help.


Identities: You must have one of the following identities:
  • VOB owner
  • root (Linux® and the UNIX® system)
  • Member of the VersionVault administrators group (Windows®)

Locks: An error occurs if one or more of these objects are locked: VOB.

Mastership: No mastership restrictions.

Options and arguments

Event records and comments

Creates one or more event records, with commenting controlled by the standard VersionVault user profile (default: –nc). See Event records and comments in the multitool reference page. To edit a comment, use cleartool chevent.
–c/omment comment | –cfi/le comment-file-pname | –cq/uery | –cqe/ach | –nc/omment
Overrides the default with the specified comment option.

Specifying the time

If the time is not specified, recoverpacket uses the current time (and, therefore, resets the epoch row so that the changes in the most recent update packet are resent).
–sin/ce date-time
Specifies the time of the last successful processing of a packet at the receiving replica. The date-time argument can have any of the following formats:
date.time | date | time | now
= day-of-week | long-date
= h[h]:m[m][:s[s]] [UTC [ [ + | - ]h[h][:m[m] ] ] ]
= today |yesterday |Sunday | ... |Saturday |Sun | ... |Sat
= d[d]month[[yy]yy]
= January |... |December |Jan |... |Dec

Specify the time in 24-hour format, relative to the local time zone. If you omit the time, the default value is 00:00:00. If you omit the date, the default value is today. If you omit the century, year, or a specific date, the most recent one is used. Specify UTC if you want the time to be resolved to the same moment in time regardless of time zone. Use the plus (+) or minus (-) operator to specify a positive or negative offset to the UTC time. If you specify UTC without hour or minute offsets, the default setting is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). (Dates before January 1, 1970 Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) are not valid.)

  • 22-November-2002
  • sunday
  • yesterday.16:00
  • 0
  • 8-jun
  • 13:00
  • today
  • 9-Aug.10:00UTC

Specifying the row to be modified

You must specify a replica. If you do not specify a vob-selector, the command uses the current VOB.
Updates the current replica's estimate of the state of replica-selector. Specify replica-selector in the form [replica:]replica-name[@vob-selector]
Name of the replica (displayed with lsreplica)
VOB family of the replica; can be omitted if the current working directory is within the VOB.

Specify vob-selector in the form [vob:]pname-in-vob

Pathname of the VOB tag (whether or not the VOB is mounted) or of any file system object within the VOB (if the VOB is mounted)


  • Reset the epoch row for replica sanfran_hub so that changes sent since last Monday are included in the next packet that is sent.

    multitool recoverpacket –nc –since Monday sanfran_hub

    Using epoch information from Monday 10/21/02 00:00:00
    Epoch row for replica "sanfran_hub" successfully reset.

  • Reset the epoch row for replica boston_hub so that the changes included in the most recent update packet are included in the next packet that is sent.

    multitool recoverpacket –c "send latest packet" boston_hub@\dev

    Using epoch information from Thursday 10/24/02 14:55:34
    Epoch row for replica "boston_hub" successfully reset.

  • Determine the last successful import at replica bangalore, reset the epoch row at replica boston_hub, and send an update packet.

    At replica bangalore:

    cleartool lshistory replica:bangalore@\dev

    19-Oct.15:36 smg import sync from replica "boston_hub" to replica
    "bangalore" "Imported synchronization information from replica

    At replica boston_hub (remember to adjust for the time zone difference):

    multitool recoverpacket –since 19-Oct.05:06 bangalore@/vobs/dev

    Using epoch information from Saturday 10/19/02 05:05:45
    Epoch row for replica "bangalore" successfully reset.

    multitool syncreplica –export –fship bangalore@/vobs/dev

    Generating synchronization packet /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/shipping
    - shipping order file is /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/shipping/ms_ship
    Attempting to forward/deliver generated packets...
    -- Forwarded/delivered packet /opt/hcl/ccm/versionvault/shipping