Changes synchronization management settings


Product Command type
MultiSite multitool subcommand


  • Change the value of site-level synchronization settings:
    chsetting –site [ –rgy rgy-hostname –password rgy-passwd ] setting-name = [ value ]


The chsetting command is used to change the values of synchronization management settings, and has three forms: one form to change the settings at the site level, one to change them at the host level, and one to change them at the replica level.



  • With –site, you must have permission to modify the VersionVault registry and enter the VersionVault registry password.
  • With –replica, you must have Change or Full permissions on the MultiSite Administration ACL of the host whose settings you want to change.

Options and arguments

Specifying the setting level

–site [ –rgy rgy-hostname –password rgy-passwd ]
Changes a synchronization management setting at the site level. The value of a site level setting applies to all replicas and hosts at the local site. With –rgy, the new site level setting will apply to all replicas and hosts at the site specified by rgy-hostname. If the specified setting is also defined at the host or replica level, the site-level setting is overridden by these settings for the host or replica in context.

Specifying the change

None. You must specify one or more setting-name/value pairs, or specify a setting without a value to reset it to the default.
setting-name= [value ] ...
One or more arguments, where
The name of the setting you want to change.
The new value for the specified setting. Specifying a setting-name without a value changes the setting back to its default value.
setting-name can be any of the following:
Name of the site.
This setting is valid only at the site level. For example, you can only modify this setting with the –site form of the command.
Name of the host that stores synchronization health status information for the site. The host that runs the first job to generate synchronization health status for the site becomes the synchronization health status summary host.
This setting is valid only at the site level. For example, you can only modify this setting with the –site form of the command.


  • At the San Francisco site, set the site-level value of ms_vob_max_parallel_host_imports to 3.

    multitool chsetting -site ms_vob_max_parallel_host_imports=3

    <no output means command succeeded>