Configuring a proxy to provide high-availablity

You can configure a proxy for HCL Verse to distribute requests across Domino servers to provide high-availability.

About this task

For information about the benefits and requirements of a high-availability (HA) Verse deployment, see the article Configuring a Proxy for HCL Verse High Availability on the Support site. This article includes a case study using a F5 BIG-IP LTM virtual appliance as the proxy technology and LTPA based Domino authentication for SSO.

The following files are installed with Verse but used only for a HA proxy configuration:
  • servers-lookup-<version>.jar where <version> is specific to the version of Verse. See the section Deploy serverslookup servlet to hub server(s) in the article for information about this file.
  • catalog12.ntf. See the section Domino Domain “hub” server(s) maintaining a domain catalog in the article for information about this file.

For information on using HCL SafeLinx to provide the proxy functionality, see Configuring SafeLinx as a reverse proxy for Verse high availability in the Safelinx documentation. HCL SafeLinx 1.3 or higher is required.