What settings are available?

Use Verse Settings to set a variety of preferences.

Setting Options
  • Set alarms. For more information, see How do I use calendar alarms?
  • Customize your calendar display:
    • Select a time range for your work day. Times that are outside of the range are grayed out in the Day view of your Calendar. This information is visible only to you as a reference for managing your schedule.
    • Select the day your work week begins.
    • Select the day of the week to display for the first day of the year and the minimum number of days in the first week of the year (1-6 days).
  • Control the processing and location of meeting notices:
    • Specify whether to automatically process meeting updates and cancellations in your calendar.
    • Specify whether to display new (unprocessed) notices, to control whether meeting invitations appear in your calendar before you have responded to them.
    • Specify whether to display new calendar entries and notices in the All Documents view of Mail.
    • Specify whether to display meeting invitations in the Sent view of Mail.
    • Specify whether to remove meeting invitation from your Inbox after you respond to them.
    • Specify the types of meeting notices to show in your Inbox.
  • To make it easy to schedule meeting with co-workers in another time zone, display an additional time zone in your calendar. For more information, see How do I show an additional time zone?
  • Select a default meeting duration.
  • Set availiability preferences. For more information, see How do I set my availability preferences?
General Remove addresses from type-ahead. For more information, see How do I remove unused addresses from my type-ahead list?.
Out of Office
  • Set leaving and returning dates and times
  • Customize a message
For more information, see How do I let people know when I will be out of the office?
Note: For information about settings related to passwords and to your Notes ID, see How do I manage passwords and my Notes ID?.
  • Grant people access to my mail and calendar
  • Set the type of access
  • Add a button to access delegated accounts from the navigation bar
For more information, see How do I use mail and calendar delegation?
  • Choose the language to use in Verse.
  • Choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour time format for your calendar.
  • Use bidirectional settings to control the direction in which text is displayed. Click Support right to left languages. Then, for Base text direction, select one of the following options:
    • Default
    • Left-to-right
    • Right-to-left
    • Contextual
Feature Preview Preview new features that your administrator enables.