How do I schedule a meeting?

You can schedule meetings from the Calendar Bar or the Calendar Inbox.

From the Calendar Bar, click the + button or an empty time slot in the calendar bar. From the Calendar Inbox, click the New button. You'll be presented with a form to schedule a new meeting.

The following picture shows a new meeting with basic options filled out.

new meeting form

The following features are also available.

Find availability of invitees

When scheduling a new meeting, you can find the availability for required invitees (default) or for all invitees. If your administrator enables it, click Find a time and choose the desired time slot.

finding available time
Note: If you don't see the Find a time action, your administrator hasn't enabled this feature.

Schedule an online meeting

Schedule an online meeting that you've set up through HCL Notes® or HCL iNotes®. Your online meeting rooms are shown at the bottom of the meeting form. Use the arrow to select and show details about them.Online Meeting information

Schedule a repeat meeting

Schedule a meeting to repeat at a specified interval and duration.Repeat meeting options

Schedule the meeting for a different time zone

You can schedule a meeting in a different time than your time zone. The meeting shows in the calendar in that time zone. Meeting scheduled in a different time zone

Customize the meeting description

Open the editing toolbar to customize the meeting description. Change the font or text alignment. Add a table, link, or image.Editing options in the meeting form

Schedule an all-day event

Schedule an all-day event. Use the repeat meeting option to extend it for more than one day.

All-day event formThe event shows at the top of your calendar:All-day event in the calendar

Create a personal reminder

Create a reminder. For example, remind yourself to fill out your time sheet each week. You need to select just a start date and time.Calendar reminder form

Use Options

Click Options and select any of these options:
Table 1. Meeting options
Option Description
Sign Digitally sign the meeting invitation.
Encrypt Encrypt the meeting invitation.
Mark Private Prevent someone who manages your calendar from reading the content of the meeting.
Request Response Receive a notice from each optional and required attendee, room, and resource that responds.
Return Receipt Receive a message from each attendee who opens the invitation.
Remind me Choose when to receive a reminder about the meeting.
Show as Select Busy to indicate to others that you are busy at the selected time. Select Available to show that you are available.
Delivery Priority Select one of the following options:
  • High Route the invitation immediately and display a High priority icon next to the invitation in each recipient's Inbox.
  • Normal Route the invitation the next time your mail server sends mail (default).
  • Low Wait until off-peak hours to route the invitatoin (usually between midnight and 6:00 AM).
Delivery Report Select one of the following options:
  • None Don't send delivery reports.
  • Only on failure Send a report when invitations can't be delivered.
  • Confirm delivery Send reports when invitations are delivered.
  • Trace entire path Send a report from each server through which an invitation is routed and a final report indicating whether the invitation was delivered.