How do I track when someone owes me a response?

IBM Verse also gives you the ability to track responses from a mail message you have sent. You do this by marking the message as Waiting For. The mail then appears in a unique list in Verse so that you can easily keep track of whether or not you have received a response.

Marking a mail Waiting For before sending it.

You can track responses to mail by selecting the Waiting For icon before the message is sent. As with Needs Action, you can also set a due date for a response from the message recipient, or add some additional notes for the item.

The mail message is now placed in the Waiting For queue, which you can view by selecting the Waiting For list from the top menu bar.

Waiting For list

The messages you've marked as Waiting For will display in the message list, organized by the due date you chose. If you did not choose a due date, then they display at the bottom of the list in a No Due Date section.