What settings are available?

Use Mail and Calendar Settings to set a variety of preferences.

Setting Options
  • Display alerts when messages are received
  • Display each message as one line or three lines
  • Set the default text format
  • Add a signature
  • Use offline mail
  • Suggest folders to use when adding or moving messages to folders.
  • Display alternate names or primary names. For more information, see How do I see names in their native languages?
  • Set alarms
  • Set a custom calendar display
  • Automatically process meeting notices
  • To make it easy to schedule meeting with co-workers in another time zone, display an additional time zone in your calendar
Out of Office
  • Set leaving and returning dates and times
  • Customize a message
  • Set how remote images are shown
  • Add a digital signature and encrypt messages
Note: For information about settings related to passwords and to your Notes ID, seeHow do I manage passwords and my Notes ID?.
  • Grant people access to my mail and calendar
  • Set the type of access
  • Add a button to access delegated accounts from the navigation bar
  • Choose the language to use in Verse.
  • Choose between a 12-hour or 24-hour time format for your calendar.
  • Use bidirectional settings to control the direction in which text is displayed. Click Support right to left languages. Then, for Base text direction, select one of the following options:
    • Default
    • Left-to-right
    • Right-to-left
    • Contextual
Feature Preview Preview new features that your administrator enables.