IBM Verse is an email and business messaging experience that is based on an innovative user-centric design, including social analytics and advanced search capabilities. Verse helps users quickly find and focus on what content is most important, empowering them to build stronger working relationships while optimizing business results.

IBM Verse On-Premises brings Verse to the user desktop in the on-premises IBM® Domino® environment. To set up Verse On-Premises, you complete simple steps on a Domino® server to prepare to begin using mail and calendar features. Offline capability is available by default and does not require Domino® Offline Services (DOLS) configuration.

Optionally, you can integrate Verse with IBM Connections. This integration leverages information in Connections profiles to enable business cards, photos, and electronic email signatures in Verse.

IBM Domino provides mail and calendar features. IBM Connections provides business cards, photos, electronic signatures, and files.

If you've purchased Box, you can integrate it with Verse to enable users to shares files and folders that are stored in Box.

Optionally, you can configure IBM Verse™ On-Premises to work with IBM Docs™ to get an enhanced preview for file attachments. Integration with IBM Docs enables Verse On-Premises users to preview PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and other types of file attachments when reading and composing messages, without having to download those attachments first.

You can also deploy extensions to extend the functionality and experience of Verse On-Premises.