Enabling the new calendar event form

A new calendar event form design offers an improved experience for creating and managing events in the calendar.

The new form opens quickly and is smaller and streamlined. Controls allow users to show just the options that they want to use. This is a preview feature that is off by default. To make the feature available to users, add one (not both) of the following notes.ini settings to the notes.ini file on the Domino server:
  • To enable the new event form for all users and prevent them from disabling it, add the setting VOP_GK_FEATURE_168=1.
  • To keep the new event form off by default but allow users to enable it, add the setting VOP_PREVIEW_REACT_EVENT_FORM=1. Then, to enable the feature, users select the option New Calendar Event Form in Feature Preview section of Mail and Calendar Settings.

To revert to default behavior, delete the notes.ini setting or change its value to 0.

For more information on the new calendar event form, see the topic How do I use the new event design preview? in the user documentation.