Guidelines for deploying Unica Platform on WebLogic

You must follow a set of guidelines when you deploy Unica Platform on the WebLogic application.

Use the following guidelines when you deploy the Unica Platform products on any supported version of WebLogic:
  • Unica products customize the Java virtual machine (JVM) that is used by WebLogic. If you encounter errors related to JVM, you can create a WebLogic instance that is dedicated to Unica products.
  • Open the startWebLogic.cmd file and verify that the SDK that is selected for the WebLogic domain that you are using is the Sun SDK for the JAVA_VENDOR variable.

    The JAVA_VENDOR variable must be set to Sun (JAVA_VENDOR=Sun). If theJAVA_VENDOR variable is set to JAVA_VENDOR, it means that JRockit is selected. You must change the selected SDK, because JRockit is not supported. Refer to the BEA WebLogic documentation to change the selected SDK.

  • Deploy Unica Platform as a web application.
  • If you are configuring WebLogic to use the IIS plug-in, review the BEA WebLogic documentation.
  • Complete the following tasks if your installation must support non-ASCII characters, for example for Portuguese or for locales that require multi-byte characters:
    1. Edit the setDomainEnv script in the bin directory under your WebLogic domain directory to add the following Java options to JAVA_VENDOR:


      In case you are deploying a non-production setup, add


      In case of a production setup, this Java option must be removed or set to false.

    2. In the WebLogic console, click the Domain link on the home page.
    3. In the Web Applications tab, select the Archived Real Path Enabled check box.
    4. Restart WebLogic.
    5. Deploy and start the EAR file or the unica.war file.
  • If deploying in a production environment, set the JVM memory heap size parameters to 1024 by adding the following line to the setDomainEnv script:

    Set MEM_ARGS=-Xms1024m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

  • For DB2, set progressiveStreaming = 2 UnicaPlatformDS datasource configuration.