Unica Platform documentation and help

Unica Platform provides documentation and help for users, administrators, and developers.

Table 1. Get up and running
Task Documentation

View a list of new features, known issues, and workarounds

Unica Platform Release Notes®

Learn about the structure of the Unica Platform database

Unica Platform System Tables Guide

Install or upgrade Unica Platform and deploy the Unica Platform web application

One of the following guides:
  • Unica Platform Installation Guide
  • Unica Platform Upgrade Guide

Implement the Cognos® reports provided with Unica

Unica Reports Installation and Configuration Guide

Table 2. Configure and use Unica Platform
Task Documentation
  • Adjust configuration and security settings for products
  • Integrate with external systems such as LDAP and web access control
  • Implement single sign-on with diverse applications using SAML 2.0-based federated authentication or single sign-on
  • Run utilities to perform maintenance on products
  • Configure and use audit event tracking
  • Schedule runs of Unica objects
Unica Platform Administrator's Guide