How the installers work

Use the Unica installer with the Platform installers when you install Platform.

The Unica suite installer starts the individual product installers during the installation process.

Use the following guidelines to install Platform.

  • Make sure that the Unica installer and the Platform installer are in the same directory on the server where you want to install Platform. When multiple versions of the Platform installer are present in the directory with the Unica installer, the Unica installer shows the latest version of Platform on the HCL Unica Products screen in the installation wizard.
  • If you are planning to install a patch immediately after you install Platform and Optimize, make sure that the patch installer is in the same directory as that of the Unica and the Platform installer.
Unica is installed in one of the following directories by default:
  • /opt/HCL/Unica (for UNIX)
  • C:\HCL\Unica (for Windows)
Unica products are installed by default in a subdirectory of the HCL_home directory. For example, Unica Platform is installed in the HCL_Unica_home/Platform directory.

Platform is installed in the HCL_Unica_home/Campaign directory by default.