Verifying data source names and publishing

The name that is specified as the data source for the reports in the model must match the name of the data source that you created in Cognos® Connection. Before you publish the model from Framework Manager to the Cognos® content store, you must verify that the data source names match.

About this task

If you used the default data source names, the data source names match. If you did not use default data source names, you must change the data source names in the model.

To verify and change the data source names in the model, complete the following steps.


  1. In Cognos® Connection, determine the names of the data sources you created.
  2. In Framework Manager, select Open a Project.
  3. Browse to the <productName>Model subdirectory you copied into the Framework Manager directory structure. Select the .cpf file, for example CampaignModel.cpf.
  4. Expand the Data Sources entry and examine the names of the data sources. Verify that they match what you named them in Cognos® Connection.
  5. If the names do not match, select the data source instance and edit the name in the Properties section. Save your changes.
  6. Publish the package to the Cognos® content store.