Customization of stylesheets and images in the Unica user interface

You can customize the appearance of the user interface where most Unica product pages appear. By editing a cascading style sheet and providing your own graphics, you can change many of the images, fonts, and colors in the user interface.

This is sometimes called re-branding, because you can override the HCL logo and color scheme with your company's logo and color scheme.


The HTML frameset is formatted by a number of cascading style sheets, located in the css directory within the unica.war file. Several of these stylesheets import a stylesheet named corporatetheme.css in the css\theme directory. By default, this corporatetheme.css file is blank. When you replace this blank file with one that uses your colors and images, you change the appearance of the frameset.

also provides an example corporatetheme.css file, in the css\theme\DEFAULT directory within the unica.war file. This example stylesheet contains all of the specifications that are customizable, along with comments that explain what areas of the frameset each specification affects. You can use this file as a template for making your own changes, as described in the instructions in this section.


Your images can be PNG, GIF, or JPEG format.

uses sprites for some of its buttons and icons. Using sprites reduces the number of HTTP requests going to the server, and can reduce possible flickering. Where uses sprites, the name of the image includes _sprites. If you want to replace these images, you should use sprites with the same dimensions, as this requires the fewest modifications to the stylesheet. If you are not familiar with sprites, you can learn about them on the internet.