The Unica Platform system log

You should check the system log first if the Unica Platform application malfunctions. The system log is independent of the security audit information, which is stored in the system tables. While the system log tracks some of the same information contained in the security audit reports, it also contains information useful in troubleshooting Unica Platform.

The system log contains the following information.

  • Configuration information and all errors and debugging information for the Unica Platform.

  • A record of key events as they occur on the Unica Platform server (requests, grants, revokes, and failures).

About the configuration settings displayed in the system log

Note: If a problem occurs when the system attempts to write to the system log file, the system writes to stdout (command line) instead of to a file.

System log entry format

The system log entries are in the following format.

Timestamp | Event severity level | Message

  • Timestamp – The time the event occurred.

  • Event Severity Level – The logging level of the event.

  • Message – Description of the event. If the entry is a request to the server, the message typically contains the function called by the request. Response entries record the results of the requests.