Reports | Schemas | [product] | [schema name] | SQL Configuration

The SQL script creates views for the reporting schemas. The Reports | Schemas | [product] | [schema name] | SQL Configuration property provides information about the name of the views.

Table/View Name


Specifies the name of the view that the SQL script you generate for this reporting schema creates. As a best practice, you should not change the name for any of the standard or default Table/View names. If you do, you must also change the name of the view in the Cognos® model in IBM® Cognos® Framework Manager.

When you create a new reporting schema for a new audience level, you must specify the names of all the new reporting tables/views.

Default value

Varies by schema

Valid Values

A string with the following restrictions.

  • It can be no longer than 18 characters
  • It must use all uppercase letters

You must use the following naming convention:

  • Start the name with the letter "UAR"
  • Add a one-letter code to represent the Unica application. See the list of codes, below.
  • Add an underscore character
  • Add the table name, including a one or two letter code to indicate the audience level
  • Finish with an underscore character.

The SQL generator appends a time dimension code, if appropriate. See the following list of codes:

For example: UARC_COPERF_DY is the name of the reporting view for Campaign Offer Performance by Day.

Following is the list of Unica application codes.

  • Unica Campaign: C
  • Unica Deliver: E
  • Unica Interact: I
  • Unica Collaborate: X
  • Unica Plan: P
  • Leads: L

Following is the list of the Time Dimension Codes added by the generator.

  • Hour: HR
  • Day: DY
  • Week: WK
  • Month: MO
  • Quarter: QU
  • Year: YR