Known issues

The following is the list of Known Issues in Unica Insights Reports

Table 1. Known Issues in Unica Insights Reports
ID Issue Description
HMA-330749 (V12.1.1) When configuring Unica Insights Reports or Unica Open Insights, if you see an error when executing acer_scripts_sqlserver.sql (on Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle), raise a PMR. HCL Support will provide assistance on the issue.
HMA-330431 (V12.1.1) Campaign Journey CH/RH integration feature may produce inappropriate data on "Offer performance Metrics" report, when common offers are being used in Unica Campaign and Unica Journey. 
HMA-325523 (V12.1.1) If there are conditional links in an email document, incorrect data is seen in the reports.
HMA-320280 In the Approval and Compliance listing report, all the approval items are not displayed.
HMA-306949 (V12.1.1) From version 12.1.1, Unica Insights Reports supports only PDF and Excel format as the export type for reports. If you export Analytics Reports, the column headers are truncated for the PDF format.
HMA-314296 (V12.1.0.4) When two charts are beside each other in a report, and if you export the report to Microsoft Excel, the second chart shrinks. This is a known issue in Unica Insights.

Workaround: Open and edit the excel report to resize the chart.

HMA-320542 (V12.1.0.3) Update event pattern state ETL to support advanced patterns.
  • Pattern State ETL process currently works only for Interactive Channel with event patterns MatchAll, Counter and Weighted Counter.
  • Event Pattern report for all databases must be corrected to display the new advanced event patterns.
HMA-313087 Permissions to execute files are not available for Insights tools.
Workaround: Perform the following steps.
  1. Navigate to <INSIGHTS_HOME>/tools/bin.
  2. Change the permission of the files by running the following command chmod -R 777.
HMA-313086 Insights Reports with images do not open with required permissions.
Workaround: Perform the following steps.
  1. Navigate to <INSIGHTS_HOME>/report.
  2. Change the permission of the images folder by running the following command chmod -R 766 images.
  3. Restart the application server, if it is already running.
HMA-310915 The What If Offer Financial Summary report is not available in Campaign with MariaDB data source.
HMA-307152 PDF output sometimes shrinks if the number of report columns are many. XLSX format works better in such cases because it allows custom formatting.
HMA-305517 For all Unica Insights object-specific reports, you may see the object name, for example, Campaign/Offer/Plan/Program/Project drop-down filter disabled.
HMA-305352 An error is generated in the Unica Insights report on using the project name with $ character.
HMA-303387 If any exception is generated on the reports configuration, it is displayed as per the Unica Insights engine. It helps in understanding the error.
HMA-302526 Unlike IBM Cognos reports, few Unica Insights reports do not have Campaign, Plan, and Interactive Channel objects' hyperlinks.