Copy the Plan report folder in Unica Insights directory

While deriving Dashboard report design file name, Platform requires the database type. It is required that the following properties are populated with correct database type.


Complete the following steps:

  1. Create a folder "Plan" under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports.
  2. Copy the folders - Affinium Plan and Affinium Plan - Object specific Reports folders from <PLAN_HOME>/reports/Insights_Reports and place it in <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/Plan.
  3. Create Unica Dashboard folder under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports, if not already created.
    Note: Ensure that the folder under <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/Unica Dashboard is “Plan”.
  4. Copy the respective DB rpt design files from the Unica Dashboards folder from <PLAN_HOME>/reports/Insights_Reports to <PLATFORM_HOME>/Insights/Reports/Unica Dashboard/Plan.
  5. Ensure that you possess the execute permissions for the rpt design files.
  6. Update the navigation URL and port under Affinium|Insights|navigation. The DBType should be displayed correctly under Affinium|Plan|umoConfiguration.
  7. Navigate to Affinium|Plan|umoConfiguration|reports and change the following properties. For example:
    reportsAnalysisSectionHome Plan/Affinium Plan
    reportsAnalysisTabHome Plan/Affinium Plan - Object Specific Report
    Note: You must not include a slash (/) in the beginning of the path of these properties.