Verifying your Unica Platform installation

After you install and deploy Unica Platform, you must verify that there are no errors in your Unica Platform installation and deployment. You can configure your Unica Platform installation after the verification.


Complete the following tasks to verify your Unica Platform installation:
  1. Access the Unica URL in a supported web browser.

    If you entered a domain when you installed Unica Platform, the URL is the following, where host is the machine where Unica Platform is installed, is the domain in which the host machine resides, and port is the port number on which the web application server listens.

  2. Log in using the default administrator login, which is asm_admin with password as the password.

    You will be asked to change the password. You can enter the existing password, but for good security you should choose a new one.

    The default home page is the dashboard, which you will configure later.

  3. Under the Settings menu, check the Users, User Groups, and User Permissions pages to verify that the pre-configured users, groups, roles, and permissions are present, as described in the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.
  4. Add a new user and group and verify that data is entered into the Unica Platform system table database.
  5. Under the Settings menu, check the Configuration page to verify that the Unica Platform configuration properties exist.

What to do next

There are additional configuration tasks, such as configuring the dashboard, setting up user access to applications, and integrating with an LDAP or web access control system (optional). See the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide for instructions.