Overview of loggers

As mentioned in Verification of integration, the logging configuration for Content Integration is available in thelog4j2.xml file, placed in the AssetPicker/conf/logging folder within Platform home.

Content Integration uses Apache Log4j2 for log management. The RandomAccessFilePlatform appender along with com.unica logger configured in log4j2.xml controls the logs produced by Platform's unica-common.jar and unica-helper.jar used in Content Integration. The remaining settings control logging for other core activities of Content Integration.

The default log level is set to WARN in both cases, which should be sufficient for the troubleshooting needs for plugin development. Most of the loggers, produced by the Content Integration at INFO & DEBUG level, are not extremely relevant for plugin development & integration. The following topics elaborate only the relevant loggers. These loggers are already present in log4j2.xml file and need to be uncommented, if required. Please ensure that log level is never set to DEBUG or TRACE for these loggers in production since they can generate sensitive information.

The log4j2.xml file also contains necessary configurations to route all the loggers for a specific user to a dedicated log file. By default, these configurations are commented. Appropriate description is added in log4j2.xml at the top of each configuration element to help activate the dedicated log file.