Plugin development overview

Unica Content Integration facilitates easy integration with new content repositories without having to alter the core Content Integration framework.

Unica Content Integration seamlessly integrates with system-specific, independent plugins. Once the plugin is developed and dropped under the <ASSET_PICKER_HOME>/plugins/custom directory on the application server hosting Content Integration, the corresponding content repository can be onboarded in the Unica product suite by updating a few configurations in Unica Platform. For more information, see Unica Content Integration Administrator's Guide

Note: <ASSET_PICKER_HOME> refers to the base installation directory of Unica Content Integration placed within Platform home. Hence, any further use of <ASSET_PICKER_HOME> in this guide should be considered as a path to the Content Integration directory within Platform home.

Unica Content Integration is shipped with a development kit containing the dependencies, reference projects, and a starter project to quick start the plugin development. Development kit is placed within the <ASSET_PICKER_HOME>/dev-kits directory. Four reference projects, named aem-integration, wcm-integration, dx-integration, and commerce-integration are available for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), IBM Web Content Manager (WCM), HCL Digital Experience and HCL Commerce, respectively.