Unica Plan list portlets

If the Unica Plan reports package is not installed, you still have access to the Unica Plan list portlets that are available on your dashboard.

Your system administrator selects the portlets that members of your organization can add to the dashboard. To manage your dashboards and add portlets to them, select Dashboard > Create Dashboard.

Table 1. Standard Unica Plan list portlets
Report Description
Approvals Awaiting Action List of approvals that wait for your action.
Manage My Tasks Lists your Pending and Active tasks and Not Started and In Progress approvals. An option to change the status of each item appears.
  • For tasks, you can change the status to Finish or Skip.
  • For Not Started approvals, you can change the status to Submit or Cancel.
  • For In Progress approvals that you own, you can change the status to Stop, Finish, or Cancel.
  • For In Progress approvals that you are assigned to approve, you can change the status to Approve or Reject.
My Active Projects Lists your active projects.
My Alerts Lists your Unica Plan alerts.
My Project Health Lists the name, health status, percentage complete, and number of tasks that are assigned to you for each project that you own or that includes you as a reviewer or member. The percentage complete is calculated as:

(Number of Finished Tasks + Number of Skipped Tasks)/Total Number of Workflow Tasks

  • To recalculate project health status, click 2 arrows in circular pattern. The system recalculates the health status for display by this portlet only. It does not work elsewhere in Unica Plan.
    Note: Project health calculations can be made only at 5-minute intervals.
  • If you own more than 100 projects, click Show All to open the list in a new dialog.
  • To export listed project data into a .CSV file, click Export.
  • You can view the summary information for a project on the Summary tab. To view more metrics for project health, click the percentage complete indicator. To view the My Tasks list, click the number in the Tasks column.
My Requests Lists requests that you own.
My Tasks Lists tasks that you own.
Projects Over Budget Lists all projects that are over budget for the calendar year.
Note: This report requires the Financial Management module.