Hyperlinks in IBM Cognos® reports

You can create hyperlinks in Cognos® reports so that users can open a referenced object in Unica Plan from within the report.

For example, if the report includes a list of projects that you hyperlinked, users who click a project name in the report open the Summary tab for that project. Hyperlinks also work in reports that are emailed to users. Users who click the links may be asked to log in to Unica Plan.

You can create hyperlinks for the following objects.

  • plans
  • programs
  • projects
  • project requests
  • standalone approvals
  • work and approval tasks
  • invoices

The Unica Plan reports package includes a URL query item for each object for which you can create a hyperlink. For example, the URL query item for plans is named Plan URL. The URL query item for an object is listed in the query subject for the object.

In Cognos® Report Studio, use the appropriate URL query item to define the URL source for the hyperlinks.