Unica Plan report and folder names in IBM Cognos®

IBM Cognos® Connection presents reports in a directory structure, the top level of which is named Public Folders.

When the Unica Plan reports package is installed in Cognos®, Public Folders contains the following subfolders for Unica Plan.

  • Affinium Plan, which contains the multiple-object reports that are listed on the Analytics Home page in Unica Plan. If you create new multiple-object reports in Report Studio, save them to this folder. If necessary, you can create subfolders within this folder to organize the reports into a hierarchy.
  • Affinium Plan - Object Specific Reports, which contains the single-object reports that are listed on the Analysis tabs of individual Unica Plan object instances. This folder contains subfolders for plans, programs, projects, and teams. If you create new single-object reports, you save them to the appropriate subfolder.

Do not rename the folders. If you do change the folder names, note the following requirements.

  • Edit the reportsAnalysisSectionHome and reportsAnalysisTabHome properties under Settings > Configuration >Plan > umoConfiguration > reports so that they match the names of the folders.
  • Do not use special characters (such as quotation marks or '<') in the folder names. Use only alphanumeric characters, and the space and hyphen ('-') characters if you rename the default report folders.
  • If you rename the Affinium Plan - Object Specific Reports folder, you must edit the Project Budget Summary by Quarter report in Report Studio. This report contains a URL that links to the Detailed Expense Breakout report, and it is hardcoded to the report folder name. If the folder name changes, you must edit the links to refer to the new folder name.
  • Do not rename the subfolders in the Affinium Plan - Object Specific Reports folder.