Known issues

This table contains known issues in Unica Plan version 12.1.7:

Issue ID Description
HMA-356133 In a Docker environment with Apache Tomcat server, if you do not access Plan for more than 24 hours, the database closes the connection due to timeout and Plan does not establish any new connections making it inaccessible.
HMA-349432 In the Marketing Object menu, if you create an instance or click an existing instance, it changes the left menu to Planning Workspace and other menus.
HMA-348874 Cannot open the offers window on TCS.
HMA-348388 If All Active Invoices is the recent accessed page, then clicking on My Active Invoices or All Invoices from the Favourites menu, makes the system navigate to All Active Invoices.
HMA-348325 If All Plans is the recent accessed page, then clicking on Active Plans from the Favourites menu, makes the system navigate to All Plans.
HMA-344825 The installerproperties file is missing for OneDb in Plan response.tar.gz.
HMA-344805 Any Plan menu added under Financial appears as a seperate entity instead of a menu item within planning workspace.
HMA-344788 Clicking on Offer attachments from Manage my approvals dashboard report gives 5001 error.
HMA-344753 Cannot edit TCS Tab of two projects at the same time.
HMA-344559 UI Task alignment issues is seen if task is opened from th right pane.
HMA-343362 In case of PDF Embed API, the create version without-markup is not working and the downloaded PDF file does not show any markup changes.
HMA-343138 Cannot assign a member to a project request for failed delegations.
HMA-343043 Adobe cloud should not be blocked in the network if you are trying to access markup with PDF Embed API.
HMA-342918 In case of Tasks, hovering on task attachments doesn't magnify the thumbnail.
HMA-342794 For Safari browser, the thumbnails are not getting generated.
HMA-338603 On Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browser, PATCH and DELETE methods are not working on an ISAM setup.


This issue can be resolved by making the following CORS configurations:
Access-Control-Allow-Origin <plan ISAM url >
Access-Control-Allow-Methods GET, POST, OPTIONS, PUT, DELETE, PATCH
Access-Control-Allow-Headers accept, authorization, content-type, x-requested-with
Access-Control-Allow-Credentials true
Access-Control-Max-Age 1
HMA-338197 In case of Enhanced calendar, when using a Safari browser, it does not display the scroll for the current time.
HMA-337095 A Slack user (Plan admin) can assign themselves to a project, but cannot access the slack channel from Communicate.
HMA-334654 If using a Safari browser, the Manage selections in the workflow approval displays two sections.
HMA-334635 When using Slack, if a non-slack admin user tries to add a member to a project, an incorrect error message appears.
HMA-332834 On Plan Reports, the Resource Task Load has some input fields that are mentioned as Optional as well as Mandatory.
HMA-332833 There is no progress bar to know if the Birt report is loading or not.
HMA-332411 When creating or copying Campaign projects, high response times observed.
HMA-332406 When publishing Offers or Offer lists, High response times observed.
HMA-332405 Some degradation seen when accessing Plan > Offers.
HMA-330115 Deleting approvers, from the selected steps, does not unblock the users from selection after the steps are deleted.
HMA-329839 In Unica Insights Reports, todays date is not mentioned at the bottom of the excel exported file type.
HMA-329451 When two or more users are using Plan simultaneously, the UI language of the Plan's section displays the last logged in user’s language.
HMA-328588 Offer revision history not getting localized.
HMA-326549 Approvals should not be automatically delegated when it is in Not started state.
HMA-326322 Pasting to a Cell fails, if the Cell has a "Control Cell" assigned where the control cell is recently created.
HMA-325768 In multiple cases, Task list sorting is lost.
HMA-325720 For Plan objects, Logout option is not working as expected.
HMA-324429 In some cases, the To-do preview points to incorrect To-do when clicked multiple times.
HMA-319048 When adding items for approval from an external CMS, the application was getting logged out.
HMA-307200 On the enhanced workflow UI, you cannot move stages using drag-and-drop.
HMA-283675 When URL value is used in a single select attribute value, all attribute values display.
HMA-283523 When an OOO user tries to assign the task to himself, delegation fails.
Defect 272141

If you use the required attributes feature in versions before 10.1 and have upgraded to version 12.0, the rules for required features are not retained in version 12.0. To make an attribute required, you must edit the attribute and select the Required option for the attribute. However, this makes the attribute a required attribute on all the forms that it is included in.

This issue does not occur if you upgrade from version 10.1 or newer version.

N/A When integrated with Tivoli Access Manager, under select circumstances, an "Incomplete Reply from server" error might occur when performing certain actions in the application (for example, configuring form attributes).
N/A REST API support is not available for all APIs. To see supported APIs in V12, see the Unica Plan REST APIs documentation.

The systems that use DB2 v10.1, the NOT EXISTS operator produces duplicate results. Results can be incorrect for queries that include a NOT EXISTS clause.

As a workaround, you can set the DB2_ANTIJOIN registry parameter to NO and restart the DB2 server. Forexample,



When the rich text is at screen bottom and users need to scroll down the screen to reach it, use of tools of Rich Text makes the scroll to back to the top of the screen.

When the rich text field has a scrollbar and a table is inserted at the bottom of this field, the user needs to scroll the field to see the contextual menu of table when they selects a cell.

HMA-176872, HMA-176873 During installation, uppercase database credentials cause errors.

Workaround: Enter database details for the host name and domain name in lower case characters.


In a Safari browser, when you click Download Original in the markup window, the file is saved successfully on disk. However, it opens a blank tab window along with every download. This is a Safari browser issue.

To avoid this issue you can try to hold the Option key and click Download Original to download without opening new blank tab. You can also right click Download Original to open a context pop-up menu. Click Save Image As... to save the file to the desired location. It does not open a new tab.