Fixed defects

The following defects are fixed in Unica Plan version 12.1.7:

ID Description
HMA-358232 If you used an attribute of type Image, in Project or Marketing Object, the picture was getting uploaded two times without pressing the Save button, the process was throwing an error in the console, and the buttons used to disappear.
HMA-355648 / HMA-355535 When the server was configured with the header X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff, users could not expand template while adding projects.
HMA-355279 A Journey linked with the Plan Project was opening in a new tab instead of opening in the same frame.
HMA-354838 Plan_Offers page was inconsistent with the resize functionality compared to other plan pages.
HMA-353620 It was observed that the server was accepting the malicious character inputs and then parsing it in the output.
HMA-351919 It was observed that the application was using a cache that did not include every query parameter in the cache key. This meant that the cache could be manipulated into saving responses that were influenced by the parameters.
HMA-351917 It was observed that the application was throwing a database error message when SQL payloads were passed to the parameters.
HMA-351899 The application was using jQuery and Angularjs which had some vulnerabilities.
HMA-332834 Resource Task Load had input fields mentioned as Optional as well as Mandatory.