Creating marketing objects

Marketing object types are specific to each organization. The marketing object types that are available to you and how they are organized on the menus depend upon your template creator.

Before you begin

You must have the appropriate permission to add a marketing object. When you add a marketing object, you become an owner of that marketing object.


  1. From the menus, select the marketing object type that you want to create.

    The list page for that marketing object type appears.

  2. Click the Creation icon.

    The Select a Template dialog box appears, containing all the templates available for this marketing object type.

  3. Select a template and click Continue.

    The first step of the wizard for the selected marketing object template appears.

    Note: Each marketing object can contain any number of custom pages and fields. All marketing object templates contain at least one page, with a name, membership list, and security policy field, as a minimum.
  4. Follow the wizard, entering information on each page.
  5. When you finish configuring your object, take one of the following actions.
    • Click Finish to save the object. The system displays the list page for the marketing object type, with the new marketing object included in the list.
    • To create another object that is similar to the one you created, click Save and Duplicate. The current object is saved, and you then see the Summary page of a new object, with data already populated. Change the default name and edit the new object as needed.