Publishing the calendar

You can save a snapshot of the calendar at a certain moment in time. When you publish the calendar, you chose which information you want to display and how you want to display it.

About this task

To get a snapshot of the current calendar, save it in HTML format (into a ZIP compressed archive file).


  1. Choose the calendar view to publish.

    Select the objects, time range, and appearance for the calendar view. You can make selections in either of the following ways:

    • From the Operations menu, select Calendar. Then, select items to view.
    • At a list page for plans, programs, projects, or tasks, click the View icon (Protractor, ruler, and pencil image) and choose a calendar view.
    Note: If the current calendar view includes projects, Project data is exported as well. The exact data that is exported depends on how the project template was set up; Summary and custom tabs might be exported for some or all projects.
  2. Click the Print icon (Printer image) and select Export.
  3. Take one of the following actions.
    • Click Open to open the compressed file of the calendar.
    • Click Save and choose a location to save the calendar to disk.
    • Click Cancel to return to the Calendar page without publishing.


The system publishes the calendar into a compressed file archive. You can use any application for working with compressed files to access the calendar HTML pages. You can go to the next and previous pages of the calendar view in your web browser. If you exported any project data, you can also go to that data from the calendar HTML pages.