Creating a library

Administrators create the libraries where users store digital assets.

About this task

You cannot delete a library, but you can change its state to disabled.


  1. Select Settings > Plan Settings.
  2. In the Root-Level Object Definitions section, click Asset Library Definitions.
    The All Libraries page displays.
  3. Click Add a Library.
    The New Library page displays.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the library.
    For example, name your library "Brand Materials" and describe it as the location where all images and documents that are related to brand management are stored.
  5. Select the Security Policy that you want the library to use.
    • The library can be accessed only by users with the selected security policy.
    • All of the folders and assets added to the library have the same access control rules, which are specified by this security policy.
    • If you want a specific set of documents to have different access control permissions, create a different library for those documents.
  6. Click Save Changes.

    The All Libraries page lists your library in the enabled state. Users can immediately begin adding assets to the library by clicking Operations > Assets.

What to do next

To edit a library, click its name on the All Libraries page.